Dentures in Lexington, SC

Dr. Eddie Rodgers has had extensive training in denture fabrication and are thus able to deliver the best dentures possible at our Lexington, SC office. There are two main categories of dentures: Partial dentures and Complete dentures.

What is a partial denture?

Partial dentures are a great option for those patients who are missing a few teeth, but still have some stable natural teeth remaining to anchor the partial. Partials can help aid in chewing and even help with speaking. Prior to partial fabrication it is important for your dentist to perform a comprehensive exam to evaluate your remaining teeth, both clinically and via radiographs (“xrays”), to make sure they are stable and able to be good rests for the partial.

What is a complete denture?

Complete dentures are indicated when a patient has no remaining natural teeth or either their remaining teeth are too decayed or have too much bone loss to be saved. Our dentists are very particular about their dentures looking as close to natural teeth as possible. They take their time in working with the patient to select the proper size, shape, and color of tooth that best suits the patient.

What are immediate complete dentures?

If you currently have teeth, you may be a candidate for immediate dentures, in which case impressions will be taken at a previous appointment and then the day your teeth are removed you will have your dentures delivered. This is a great option because you will never have to go without teeth. The immediate dentures are essentially “band-aids with teeth on them” and are made to be worn for approximately six months while the extraction sites are healing and the bone is remodeling. New dentures will need to be made once the healing process is complete.

What are hybrid complete dentures?

If you are interested in having all your teeth extracted, but do not want dentures that move around or need to be removed daily, schedule an appointment for a consult with Dr. Rodgers regarding implant supported dentures. These cases are commonly called “all-on-four” dentures. Four to five implants (titanium posts) will be placed into your bone. These implants will support the denture and permanently fixate the prosthesis via screws. In order to allow for thorough cleaning around the implants, your dentist will remove the denture one time per year. Hybrid complete dentures are the ideal treatment for patients who are missing all of their teeth and are seeking a permanent solution that both looks and functions like natural teeth.