Full Mouth Reconstructions in Lexington, SC

The goal of a full-mouth reconstruction is to restore a healthy, functional dentition that allows for a high quality of life in both speaking and eating. These reconstructions can mean anything from bite adjustments, crowns, and veneers to complete removal of failing teeth, implant placement, and prosthesis placement.

When all remaining teeth must be removed, a viable option in today’s world is commonly called “all-on-four” implant supported dentures. In these cases, the patient has all their teeth extracted and leaves the same day with new teeth on a fixed prosthesis, supported by four to five implants. This is a great option for those wanting a healthy mouth, stable prosthesis, and quick, immediate results. For more information, read about hybrid complete dentures at Northwood Dental Associates here.

If this is of interest to you, call our Lexington, SC office today at 803-359-3215 to schedule a consult with our dentist. Dr. Rodgers does cosmetic dentistry as well as place implants and would be happy to discuss full-mouth reconstructions with you.