Tooth-Coloured Fillings in Lexington, SC

fillings that match color of your teeth in lexington

As a metal-free practice, we provide the safest and most natural-looking fillings to our patients. There are no silver “amalgam” fillings done our office; instead, Dr. Rodgers only places beautiful white fillings that blend in with your teeth and are virtually undetectable.

In addition to repairing cavities, composite fillings or “resins,” can be used to close gaps, repair chips, and to give the appearance of straighter, healthier teeth. Because the resin is custom selected to match the color of your teeth, it immediately makes your smile look untouched and naturally healthy.

Why Metal Free?

Due to their dark silver color, traditional metal fillings are very noticeable and can hinder the natural beauty of your smile. Metal fillings convey the appearance of unhealthy teeth, even though they are used to restore a tooth that is suffering from decay. Certain metals are also thought by some to be potentially unsafe when used in your mouth. Our dentists believe that truly effective dental fillings should not only restore the health of your tooth, but should also enhance the appearance of your smile. For these reasons, we choose to strictly use white composite resin for fillings at Northwood Dental.

Benefits of Composite Resin Fillings:

  • Natural – Composites look extremely natural and therefore do not detract from your smile
  • Conservative – Composites require less tooth structure removal than for the placement of metal amalgam fillings
  • Bond Strength – Composites bond to the tooth enamel, and thus the margins are very well sealed against leakage
  • Safe – Composites are considered safer than amalgams due to no metal properties

How to Care for Dental Fillings

Fillings can stain and discolor over time just like natural teeth. We suggest avoiding or limiting your intake of wine, coffee, tea, dark foods, tobacco and any other staining agents. Your fillings can also experience wear and tear over the years and may need to be repaired or replaced in time. In order to guarantee that your fillings last as long as possible, be sure to brush and floss regularly, avoid biting down on hard objects, do not use your teeth as tools, and schedule regular dental check-ups.

Oral Care & Fillings

Lexington fillings that match color of teeth

Of course in an ideal world you would never need any fillings! However, we know this is sometimes impossible for certain patients. To take the best care of your teeth and to prevent cavities, make sure to brush and floss two times or more daily, especially after meals. Also, make sure to schedule routine cleanings and checkups with us. If you presently have fillings, keeping your regularly scheduled appointments is important as our team can examine the health and shape of your fillings at each visit to make sure they are still intact and not leaking.

If you are interested in seeing if you are a good candidate for tooth colored fillings, or any of our various cosmetic services, call to book your appointment with our team today. We will take a look at your oral health and discuss all your options with you- we look forward to caring for your smile!