The one thing about flossing you should know…

There are three steps to developing a good flossing routine. Make it easy. Make it fun. And do it correctly. To make it easy, simply leave the floss container on the counter sink for your child to see each time they use the bathroom throughout the day. The constant visual reminder, and keeping the floss at arm’s length will definitely make a difference. Make it fun. Surely, it’s impossible to add any element of “fun” to an oral care routine, right? You’d be surprised – and we’d like to share a method with you that makes flossing fun AND achieves the third step all in one fell swoop. So what is the secret to knocking out two steps in one and doing the one thing with regard to flossing that hardly anyone does correctly? The secret is to …

curve the floss. Curve the floss?


Employ The Right Method

That’s right, in order for flossing to do its job, you have to guide the floss along the natural curvature of the tooth, downward and below the gum line. Most of us simply slide the floss up and down horizontally between our teeth which completely misses the fundamental objective of flossing.  That is, to get plaque below the gum line. Of course, it goes without saying that if most adults don’t floss correctly than our kids aren’t flossing correctly either, so this works for each of us!

Doing so will ward off the plaque that loves to live below the gum line, can’t be reached by a toothbrush, and causes gum disease. Of course, teach your child to always go gentle with the floss, and be sure they’re not forcing it down into the gum line. They shouldn’t ever feel it hit bottom. Instead, it should – and will – “glide” over their teeth. Try it out on your own teeth, and then show your kids how it works. The result will be both that you and your children will spend a lot less time in the hygienist’s chair.

Still worried about how it works? Ask your hygienist to show you and your child the next time you’re each having your teeth flossed in the office, or just pull up a YouTube video on proper flossing … there are bunches of them.  Trust us, you’ll be impressed at just how well this works, and using the technique can actually make flossing fun for everyone in the house!

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