Northwood Dental Associates gladly accepts all dental insurance plans, and we are committed to helping you maximize your yearly insurance benefits. Our computer system will estimate the amount that your insurance company will pay on your needed treatment; however, due to the variety and complexity of insurance policies, you are personally responsible for knowing your plan’s exact coverage.

As a courtesy to our patients, we will file claims to all insurance companies, accept payment from the companies, and apply the payment to patient accounts. Your estimated patient-portion must be paid at the time of treatment, and any portion of your account balance not covered by your insurance after 60 days is your responsibility to pay in full. Our patient care coordinators are here to help you, and we encourage you to contact our office if your policy has not paid within 30 days.

Dental Insurance FAQ’s

How Do I Know What My Insurance Covers?

Insurance can be tricky to navigate but our front desk team is trained to understand and explain all aspects of your dental insurance plan with you. They will clearly and patiently tell you beforehand what services and treatments will be covered by your insurance and what will not. Before any treatment begins, you will know our best estimation of what you will be expected to pay out-of-pocket.

If you want to be 100% sure what your insurance covers, you can always call them directly at the phone number on the back of your insurance card. You can then give the insurance representative the “service code” number next to each line item on your printed treatment plan and they will tell you with absolute certainty what they will pay.

What does it mean if you are not “in-network” with my insurance plan?

We can still be your dentist! We have many patients at Northwood Dental who have BCBS, United Health Care, Met Life, Delta Dental, Cigna, and others. Insurance companies have no problem with you seeing an out-of-network provider and they will still pay on your services.

Why are some dentists “in-network” or “preferred providers” and some, like Northwood Dental, may not be?

Many insurance plans have a “pool” of dentists from which you can choose. These “in-network” dentists are then expected to comply with your dental benefits’ fee schedule and, as a result, they may be more aggressive in their treatment planning in order to make up the difference in reimbursement. If we are not “in-network” or a “preferred provider” with your insurance plan, this only means that we are not in your insurance plan’s pool of contracted dentists.

We at Northwood Dental Associates simply do not want insurance companies to ever dictate or influence our treatment for you, our patients; Dr. Rodgers will always pledge to honestly maintain our top-notch standard of care while providing conservative treatment plans in your best interest!

Will I end up paying more if I choose to use your dental services but you aren’t in network with my plan?

Visiting an out-of-network dentist does not necessarily mean you will end up paying more, and we can promise that with us you will certainly receive high quality dental work. We always employ conservative treatment plans that can save you money and time, even if we are not in network with your insurance plan. Simply call our office at 803-359-3215 for more information on what you would be expected to pay.


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I would definitely recommend Northwood Dental. They are all very accommodating and genuinely kind people to work with. They each have a high standard of work ethic and it truly shows.

I have been going to Northwood Dental since I retired from the Army in 2007. Their staff have been caring and professional with all of my dental needs. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in the Midlands!

Fabulous dental group! Each and every person at Northwood makes the visit a happy time. They feel like family. I am so glad I found them all!

I highly recommend Northwood Dental Associates. Their commitment to serving its patients is excellent. Thanks for being my dental provider.