Your Lexington, SC Night Guards & Sports Guards

At Northwood Dental Associates in Lexington, SC, we educate our patients daily on the importance of protecting the teeth and jaw joints by use of a custom made mouth guard. There are two main types of mouth guards:

Occlusal guards or “night guards”:

  • a custom made clear acrylic guard that typically fits over your bottom teeth
  • used to protect the teeth from clenching/grinding/further wear
  • used to alleviate sore jaw muscles and/or headaches
  • used to protect crowns or veneers from chipping or breaking
  • typically worn at night, while sleeping, but can also be worn any time you feel you are clenching or grinding your teeth (ie. driving, sitting at your office desk, lifting weights, etc.)
  • over-the-counter guards purchased at the drug store are not ideal because they are made out of a soft rubbery material and can actually cause more jaw muscle soreness over time

Sports guards:

  • a custom made mouth piece to protect your teeth during sports activities
  • can be made to match your team colors and logo
  • save the patient a lot of money by protecting the teeth and dental restorations from breaking during potential trauma on the playing field
  • custom fit sports guards are much better than “boil and bite” guards from a sports store; custom guards produce an ideal fit, are much easier to talk with, and can even improve performance on the field by allowing you to relax and focus on the game at hand vs. being worried about sore jaw muscles or broken teeth

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