Why Choose Northwood Dental?

Mission Statement

The mission of Northwood Dental Associates is to provide complete dental treatment specifically tailored for each member of your family with the highest standard of care.

We will always strive to understand your individual needs and exceed your expectations, making smiling easier than ever.

Why Choose Us

What makes us different from a lot of dental offices is our philosophy:

{One Office} with {Consistent Care} for {Your Family}

We don’t have several locations – we have one. What this means for the patient is that each time you visit Northwood Dental, you are guaranteed to see your personal dentist, Dr. Rodgers. And one location means that you can make appointments based on your schedule – not when the dentist will be in the office.

Having more than one office may sound appealing – the more, the better, right? However, we’ve found that patients want to see their dentist at any given appointment time – and in the office where they are accustomed to going. So we listened and we modeled our practice to suit the convenience of our patients rather than the other way around.

We also found that people prefer consistency. If patients are seen by one dentist, they want to be seen by that same dentist in the future. It is reassuring to know that your dentist is familiar with you, your history, and your needs. Plus, valuable appointment time can be used on treatments – not reviewing your last visit with somebody new. We want your time with us to be pleasant, professional, and convenient so you can get on with your day.

Sure, we could see more patients with more offices, but we would rather serve fewer people with better, consistent care. We want to work with the people in our community, and our community is Lexington. Our team of professionals puts the focus where it should be – on you, our neighbors.


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