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dental sedation in Lexington, South Carolina

We understand that many people have valid dental anxiety, and as a result they often avoid seeking routine, or even needed, dental care. At Northwood Dental Associates, we want you to know that our treatments and services are always performed with the greatest care and sensitivity. Understanding your needs and addressing your concerns is our primary goal. We believe that visiting the dental office should not be a scary or stressful experience, and that is why we offer a variety of sedation options to put our patients at ease. Lexington, SC dental sedation at Northwood Dental Associates, offers you a safe and relaxing environment for the best in dental care.

Oral Sedation & Nitrous Oxide for Relaxing Dental Care

At our office, we offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide to ensure that our patients are always comfortable during any dental procedures. These are proven practices that work well, without you having to be unconscious or deeply sedated. These methods help patients relax and prevent anxiety during their dental treatment. Many patients even sleep through the entire procedure! We help you achieve the perfect level of relaxation through oral medications and can also administer nitrous oxide throughout the procedure to keep you completely comfortable.

When is Dental Sedation Necessary?

Dental sedation is best suited for patients who are fearful of the dentist and/or struggle with sitting in the chair for the time needed to complete dental work. In some cases, patients who have a strong gag reflex, low pain tolerance, or very sensitive gums or teeth may also require some form of dental sedation. Whatever your procedure, whether a simple filling or implant dentistry, our team can provide a sedation method that will work for you.

Am I a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Before you are approved for sedation treatment, your complete health history is reviewed and evaluated by Dr. Rodgers. We take all the necessary precautionary steps to make sure this is a safe option for you. A full evaluation of your health and any current medical conditions and medications will be reviewed. We will even need to know about any herbal, vitamin, or alternative supplements you may take.

This information helps us determine if we can administer this method safely and effectively. It also helps us to decide the amount of sedation that needs to be given based on your current condition. We will also need to know if you are a smoker or drink alcohol regularly.

Oral Conscious Sedationlexington nitrous oxide dental sedation

Oral conscious sedation is achieved by taking an orally administered medication that our dentists provide for you one hour prior to your dental appointment. Patients receiving this method of sedation are capable of speaking and responding to verbal cues, but are in a relaxed state. Your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, oxygen level and alertness are closely monitored during and after the procedure. It is very important that you have someone you trust drive you to and from your dental appointment while you are taking this medication. This method requires no IV. After taking the pill, you will feel fully relaxed and some patients also feel sleepy. Your relaxation will aid in your cooperation and will allow us to administer a local numbing anesthetic to the intraoral treatment area to minimize discomfort.

Nitrous Oxide Method

Nitrous oxide sedation is better known as “laughing gas” and has been used in dentistry safely and effectively for many years. It has always helped to completely relax our mildly anxious patients and creates an enjoyable experience even for patients who dread the dentist. Nitrous oxide is a great option for patients who are facing a long or uncomfortable procedure.

Nitrous oxide is an odorless, colorless gas that is administered through a small cup-like device placed over the patient’s nose. The nitrous oxide level will slowly be increased, and once you breathe in the gas, you will feel the effects immediately. You may experience feeling like you’re floating and a surge of happiness. At the end of your dental appointment, you will be placed on 100% oxygen for 10 minutes. This oxygen will completely flush the nitrous oxide out of your system and you will be free to drive home from your appointment, as no effects of the gas will remain in your system.

In certain cases, both oral sedation and nitrous oxide can be combined in order to achieve a higher level of comfort and to reduce great fear and anxiety.

How to Prepare for Dental Sedation

Prior to your appointment, we will provide you with proper guidelines on how to prepare for your sedation treatment. Generally speaking, it is advised you do not eat or drink for six hours before treatment unless approved by the dentist.

If you chose to undergo oral conscious sedation, taking the rest of the day off from work is highly recommended and a friend or family member should drive you. We advise plenty of fluids post-appointment to prevent dehydration. Our team will always provide information to help you through each stage of the dental appointment.

With these dental sedation methods, there is no reason for you to avoid the dentist. We make it easy and comfortable for you! Let our friendly team help you overcome your fear of dental appointments with our safe and relaxing sedation dentistry.